Sherman County Soil and Water Conservation District

Sherman County Soil and Water Conservation District ®   P.O. Box 405, Moro, OR  97039
Sherman County SWCD Mission Statement

The Sherman County Soil and Water Conservation District strives to promote and protect the natural resources of not only Sherman County, but the areas included in our watershed drainage's. 

The board of directors believes that cooperation between the State of Oregon, Federal agencies, public interest groups and land owners/operators is of the utmost importance in achieving the goals of the district. 

We will continue to work for not only better soil and water conservation practices, but also for a better understanding between all parties concerned with the protection of our natural resources.  

SWCD Monthly Board Meeting
Second Tuesday of the Month
*Does not meet in July or August*

Meeting are held at the OSU Extension Office Conference Room

February 8: SWCD Monthly Board Meeting, 8:30 am 

February 19: NCLA Annual Meeting, 6 pm The Riverside, Maupin, OR

February 21: George Washington's Bday (Observed), Office Closed

March 8: Watershed Council Meeting, 8:00 am

March 8: SWCD Monthly Board Meeting, 8:30 am

March 8: Sherman SWCD & WC Annual Meeting, 6 pm, Rufus

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